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Music To Your Mouth Festival

November 21, 2015

We were able to participate in the Music To Your Mouth Festival at Palmetto Bluff this year. We partnered with award-winning Chef Mike Lata of Fig and The Ordinary to create a "culinary salon" starring our oysters! Check out the pictures and article below for more delicious details.

Teaming up with FARM

December 04, 2015

CB2 magazine talks about Bluffton's upcoming restaurant, FARM.  Chef Brandon Carter is using May River Oyster Company's oysters exclusively to bring local flavor to the restaurant.

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The May River Oyster Company: Promoting sustainability, quality and a whole lot of passion

February 01, 2016

In Celebrate Bluffton & Beyond's February issue, writer Laura R. Wilson sits down with us to learn more about May River Oyster Company and our team's passion for oysters and the environment.

Chef Brandon Carter and Brad at Farm restaurant enjoying the total culinary experience

November 09, 2016

Pearls of Wisdom

February 01, 2017

Farm & Ranch Living magazine joined us for a day to learn more about our unique oyster farming. 

Looking for Pearls: May River oysters come with a silver lining

February 23, 2017

Savannah Morning News joined us to go behind the scenes of our operations and learn more about our amazing oysters.

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